With a superior eye for detail and a passion for the arts, Los Angeles based designer Angelica Cota put pen to paper to develop LuLA: a masterfully inspired handbag and accessories line that infuses timeless ideals with a feminine edge. Angelica created LuLA for women who love their fashion but refuse to be dictated by it. With duffels, satchels, hobos, shoulder bags, clutches, wallets, and belts, LuLA by Angelica Cota has something that can transcend style barriers and bring that certain something extra to all women's wardrobes.

Angelica believes that the right accessory has the ability to transform your wardrobe and make it fresh. Buttery-soft Italian leather forms the foundation of the LuLA collection. With snake and lizard skin detailing, signature hardware, coordinating satin lining, and delicious colors, LuLA creates the kind of statement an accessory should make. The elegance of the materials combined with charming, functional designs, makes LuLA by Angelica Cota both chic and entirely versatile.

LuLA handbags have been spotted on the arms of notable women such as Eva Longoria, Katherine Heigl, and Pink. The collection is available at Nordstrom and better boutiques across the country. The collection has been well received and is carried in stores internationally, including Japan, Singapore, Dubai, and Canada.

Angelica knew that in today's market, accessories need a quality of staying power to truly make them a success. Dedicated to the highest of standards and driven by Angelica's impeccable taste, each LuLA piece is handcrafted in America and made with a ton of heart. "When designing the collection I wanted a handbag that embodies an aesthetic and technical quality that would allow a true LuLA girl to use her collection piece today, tomorrow or ten years from now."